What we do

At Erebor, we provide a range of services that includes software development, architecture, and project management. We focus on back-end systems and software libraries, though we are also open to more comprehensive projects.


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Traditional statistical machine learning and modern deep learning methods are essential parts of many modern back-end systems nowadays, but getting top performance out of them is often a challenge. We can take your data-scientific findings or prototypes and implement them in highly-efficient and scalable Rust code, in addition to building ML/AI systems from scratch.


Network Protocols & Web APIs

We design and implement efficient and reliable network protocols that utilise Rust's memory- and thread-safety in combination with the Tokio framework. High-throughput web APIs can also benefit greatly from the technologies we employ.


Computational Science & Mathematics

With a strong background in both mathematics and science, we can provide solutions in both distributed and localised simulations and mathematical algorithms. Rust's combination of excellent performance characteristics and high-level languge features make implementing such algorithms painless without sacrificing efficiency.


Open-Source Support

The Rust language and toolchain are production-ready but still rapidly-growing open-source projects. You can make use of our skills in compiler and tool development, library maintenance, and our experience inside the Rust community to support existing features or develop new ones, in line with open-source practice. We can also support certain libraries in the crates ecosystem.

(The Cargo logo is a trademark of Mozilla, and is reproduced here in accordance with the CC BY 4.0 licence.)

Our technologies

We specialise in designing systems using the Rust programming language and associated technologies.



Rust is a cutting-edge general-purpose and systems programming language with a focus on reliability, performance, and productivity. It provides strong guarantees of memory and thread safety while emphasising zero-cost abstractions. Often seen as a modern alternative to C and C++, Rust is equally capable of taking the place of languages like Java or C# in many contexts.

(The Rust logo is a trademark of Mozilla, and is reproduced here in accordance with the CC BY 4.0 licence.)


Relational databases and the associated SQL language are rapidly being supplanted in modern data systems by so-called "NoSQL" databases, most commonly key-value stores, document databases, and graph databases. These models often provide greater flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency when representing various sorts of structural data. Combined with the benefits of Rust, data can be represented more naturally and processed far faster using NoSQL.

Who we are

While Erebor was founded and is principally based in London, England, we employ expert developers from various places across the world. We tailor the team working on each project by its needs.

  • Alexander Regueiro

    Founder & Principal Consultant

Get in touch

If you're interested in hiring us for consulting or a project, or just want to say hello, feel free to message us here or by email.